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Advanced Minimally Invasive Treatment Options
Other Testing and Treatment Services
Patient Education
Robotic Surgery

We hope you will feel free to discuss your concerns openly with the assurance of complete confidentiality and understanding. Our entire staff will make every effort to ensure your visit with us is as comfortable as possible. Please let us know how we may best meet your needs. Your health and well-being are our highest concern.

Advanced Minimally Invasive Treatment Options

Office-based procedures for enlarged prostate:

Outpatient hospital-based treatment of enlarged prostate:

We also provide the latest hospital-based prostate procedures

Office-base procedures for urinary incontinence and overactive bladder:

Hospital-based stress urinary incontinence procedure

Prostate Cancer Treatments:

Kidney Cancer and Obstruction Treatments:

Other Testing and Treatment Services

Our office provides the following testing and treatment services:

Theralogix Theralogix® supplies safe, effective, evidence based nutritional supplements, recommended for use under the supervision of a treating healthcare provider.

Patient Education

At Fauer, Yogel & Chenven, M.D., P.A., we want you to have access to the best information available when making decisions about your health or the health of a loved one. The following links provide information about the various conditions and the treatment options available. Please contact our office at the number listed below for more information or to schedule an appointment.